Camp Lip Bomb is a Burning Man theme camp, established in 2015.

Through hard work and dedication, we have maintained residency in the beloved Black Rock City near 7:30 & C. Our founding leaders, Scott & Mary Mertz, have always considered Burning Man their home & family, and continue to bring an amazing group of people to their beloved home; Camp Lip Bomb.

Our Mission

We are a female lead camp of misfits with a TANK GIRL THEME. It’s our way of letting you know that us “ladies” can be as bad a$$ as our male counterparts. We are free spirited women and men with a desire to bring about an environment of “anything goes” party and fun. And as such, our gift to the playa is to provide a fun and relatively safe place for those who visit to express themselves in a many manner of ways, to include live music and performances.

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We are a party theme camp, SHORT AND SWEET!