2018 Camp Perks

Why be a member of our camp? If you haven’t already noticed, we are bad-ass. We strive to uphold the 10 Principles of Burning Man and make it fun with our offbeat, post-apocalyptic, Tank Girl shenanigans. But be forewarned, being a member of our camp DOES NOT give you the right to any special treatment or services. We are NOT a turnkey camp.

Below is a list of said camp perks for 2018:

  • Camp welcome swag bag: patch, lip balm, dog tag, stickers, etc.
  • One communal meal a day (with veg and non-veg options) + 2 breakfast meals
  • Covered common area with seating, tables, lights
  • Beer or mixed drinks daily
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Power grid (at the discretion of Camp Command/availability)
  • Camp ice (at the discretion of Camp Command/availability)
  • Professional camp photographs (available for download)
  • Close knit family attitude

Questions? Contact Us.