More About Us

History of Camp Lip Bomb

Established in 2015. Through hard work and dedication, we have maintained residency in the beloved Black Rock City near 7:30 & C. Our founding leaders, Scott (The Wanderer) & Mary Mertz (Sunshine The Super Tramp), have always considered Burning Man their home & family, and continue to bring an amazing group of people to their beloved home; Camp Lip Bomb.


Our Mission

We are a female lead camp of misfits with a TANK GIRL THEME. Think if Mad Max and Coyote Ugly had a baby. That’s us! It’s our way of letting you know that us “ladies” can be as bad a$$ as our male counterparts. We are free spirited women and men with a desire to bring about an environment of “anything goes” party and fun. And as such, our gift to the playa is to provide a fun and relatively safe place for those who visit to express themselves in a many manner of ways, to include live music and performances.

We take our theme very seriously and ask all those who wish to join to come prepared with theme appropriate costumes you can wear while you participate in our camp.

There are caveats to this:

  1. Do not bring your politics
  2. Do not bring your Religion
  3. Do not bring your New Age meditation
  4. Do not bring your drama
  5. Do not bring your hang ups


We are always striving for growth and all-inclusivity. Our camp provides interactivity through our unique bar drinks, vaporized alcohol/CBD shots, Wheel of Misfortune!, nightly themed music parties & entertainment, as well as day workshops. For a glimpse of our past events click here.

May it be 25 or 100 people, it’s up to ALL our camp Commanders, Officers & Crew to give our visitors the best (or worst) experience. Make no mistake, our we work hard to play harder, and we expect everyone in our family/crew to do so!


One of the many benefits of joining our family is knowing that we’ve got your back (but we’re not your fuck*** babysitter!). The donations that we ask from each of the members goes directly into the camp’s infrastructure, meals, transportation, and services. Although they may vary year-to-year, we have generally provided members with the following:

  • Early dinner (veg, meat & gluten free options) and occasional dessert
  • Use of camp generator (limited based on availability, daylight hours)
  • Shade structure for tent dwellers
  • Access to kitchen appliances (grill, microwave, 4 high-powered propane burners) and large shade structure (permitted to those in honest & good standing, daylight hours)
  • Welcome packet and swag to include dog tags, lip balm, patches, stickers, etc.
  • Access to bar (don’t abuse this privilege!)
  • Ability to sign-up for RV black/grey water removal
  • On-site and certified Camp Medic

So have we scared you off yet? No? Great! Then feel free to browse the rest of our site for instructions on how to apply, and all that other good sh*t.