Bar Donations for 2017

We’re still in need of donations to our┬ábar the “Soul Paradise Western Delirium┬áDesert Bar“. We raised some money on IndieGoGo, but unfortunately did not meet our goal. We’re continuing our fundraising on Gofundme all the way up until we leave for the burn. We’re also taking donations in the form of liquor and mixers at […]

2017 Burning Man Party Schedule

Camp Lip Bomb 2017 Party Schedule We are a party theme camp at Burning Man, SHORT AND SWEET! Our 2017 party schedule is now available, stop by 7:30 & C each night of the week. We have sick beats, cold beers on tap, vapor shots, the wheel of misfortune and giveaways. Let’s party like the […]

Camp Lip Bomb Placement for 2017

7:30 & C It’s that time again folks, we’ve received our Burning Man placement. We’re happy to announce that Camp Lip Bomb has received placement at 7:30 and C for our second year of mischief, chaos and misfortune. We’re excited to show you all of the bada$$ shit we have in store for you this […]