2018 Camp Perks

Why be a member of our camp? If you haven’t already noticed, we are bad-ass. We strive to uphold the 10 Principles of Burning Man and make it fun with our offbeat, post-apocalyptic, Tank Girl shenanigans. But be forewarned, being a member of our camp DOES NOT give you the right to any special treatment […]

Bar Manager

No. of positions available: One Job Brief: The Bar Manager resumes responsibility over bar volunteers, and ensures the safety and health of all patrons and staff. He/she keeps beverages and equipment in good condition, performs inventory control and leads others with effective communication, collaborative, and decision making skills. Responsibilities: Advise and manage inventory of liquor, […]

LNT Officer

No. of positions available: Two Job Brief: The Leave No Trace Officer holds all members and visitors accountable for the proper removal and recycling of waste. He/she supervises and assists with proper de-MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) practices and official rules placed by BMorg. Responsibilities: Practice the 5 R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore, and […]

Medic/Task Master

No. of positions available: One Job Brief: Be on call to administer medication, wound care, and numerous other personalized interventions in the event of an emergency to camp members and visitors. Make informed, critical decisions about needed actions through hands-on care of patients. Responsibilities: Keep a physical and digital list of emergency contacts of camp […]

DJ’s and Performers Wanted

Hello dusty misfits! 2017 is upon us and the Burning Man playa dust beckons us to manifest a radical ritual. Rituals and rites require the right times, and the right time is now to set our stage times. If you plan to perform on the playa, we want you! Camp Lip Bomb is the love […]

Burning Man Theme Camp Members Wanted

Members wanted for camp Lip Bomb Listen up dusty sycophants! Burning Man Theme Camp Members Wanted! We have limited member spots open to those badasses lucky enough to meet the Lip Bomb standard of radicalism. Lip Bomb isn’t some powderpuff camp for the faint of heart. Lip Bomb was created for the misfits and lunatics, and our […]