Burning Man Theme Camp Members Wanted

Members wanted for camp Lip Bomb Listen up dusty sycophants! Burning Man Theme Camp Members Wanted! We have limited member spots open to those badasses lucky enough to meet the Lip Bomb standard of radicalism. Lip Bomb isn’t some powderpuff camp for the faint of heart. Lip Bomb was created for the misfits and lunatics, and our […]


No. of positions available: One Job Brief: Performs a variety of complex photographic techniques to produce color and/or black and white films of varied, special character subject material for records, presentations, or publications, and organizes the activities of assignments. To document and record the going-ons around camp. Responsibilities: Operates and maintains a wide range of camera/film […]

Build/Strike Foreman

No. of positions available: One Job brief: Our Build & Breakdown Foreman is the person who at any point in time, ensures that the crew during our strike and breakdown is carrying out their tasks well and according to plan. He/she is the person who has the most experience when it comes to doing similar projects and can […]

Kitchen Manager

No. of positions available: One Job brief: Our Kitchen Manager must have an eye for detail. Must be able to manage a team of people to assist with duties and keeping a clean kitchen at all times. The candidate must maintain the equipment in the kitchen area and preserve the equipment so it can be used in subsequent years. Responsibilities: […]

Vice Command

No. of positions available: Two Job brief: We are looking for a responsible Vice Commander to assist Camp Founders and fill in for them when they’re absent. Your work will be critical in ensuring the team meets its goals of efficiency and camp visitor satisfaction. Our ideal candidate will be a leader with a strong business […]