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(Proceeds from purchases go towards bringing our camp to/from Burning Man and in making the best interactive experience we can for our visitors and camp members, every year.)

2018 Camp Perks

Why be a member of our camp? If you haven’t already noticed, we are bad-ass. We strive to uphold the 10 Principles of Burning Man and make it fun with our offbeat, post-apocalyptic, Tank Girl shenanigans. But be forewarned, being a member of our camp DOES NOT give you the right to any special treatment or services. We are NOT a turnkey camp.

Below is a list of said camp perks for 2018:

  • Camp welcome swag bag: patch, lip balm, dog tag, stickers, etc.
  • One communal meal a day (with veg and non-veg options) + 2 breakfast meals
  • Covered common area with seating, tables, lights
  • Beer or mixed drinks daily
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Power grid (at the discretion of Camp Command/availability)
  • Camp ice (at the discretion of Camp Command/availability)
  • Professional camp photographs (available for download)
  • Close knit family attitude

Questions? Contact Us.

Bar Donations for 2017

We’re still in need of donations to our bar the “Soul Paradise Western Delirium Desert Bar“. We raised some money on IndieGoGo, but unfortunately did not meet our goal. We’re continuing our fundraising on Gofundme all the way up until we leave for the burn.

We’re also taking donations in the form of liquor and mixers at the burn! If you are planning to head over to Lip Bomb for the evening, we can always use some bottles of vodka, tequila, mixers or anything else you might have extra that’s just lying around.


This One Time at Burning Man, by Justin Brown

“I acknowledge and fully understand that as a participant, I will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and death, property loss and severe social and economic losses.”

My first year attending Burningman was 2001. I hadn’t heard a lot about the event at the time, other than it was a big art festival with fire. Being an avid survival camper most of my life it was easy for my then girlfriend to convince me to go. Art? I like art… Fire? I really like fire… I know how to camp in the desert, let’s go! So we set off with two of our friends, not knowing really what we had gotten into. (The whole trip was a whirlwind adventure, way too much to get into here.)

Fast forward to waiting in the gate line. As soon as we got through the gate, we stopped at the first spot we saw to make camp (around 7 & I) not knowing how much space the event covered or how incredible everything was. After setting up camp, we made friends with our neighbors, a nice group of British kids (also on their first year) who brought their entire living room including the telephone and London phone book. This kept us at camp all day, and at sunset we decided to go out and explore. As we got deeper into the city, the sensory overload began to set in.

With so many amazing things going on at once it was hard to process it all without feeling dazed and amped up on adrenaline at the same time. This feeling stayed with me all week, slowly building as the days went on.

One day around three or four, I was wandering through the playa at night when I saw in the distance what I call “The Flaming Tetherball.” This mechanical contraption has a tetherball, on fire, that automatically wraps itself around a pole, and then unwraps itself to do the whole sequence all over again. By this late in the week, I had been stumbling around with childlike wonderment, fascinated by everything I came across.

Not thinking, I made a bee-line to the swinging fireball, determined to figure out how it works. As it was dark, I couldn’t make out the mechanics of the contraption and how it winds itself around the pole. So I get really close to get a better look. Just as I start to make out the armature I hear a click. My approach was in time with the start of another wind up cycle and here comes a flaming tetherball towards me, right at head level. I remember thinking, “This is why they mentioned possible death” as the tetherball closed the distance to my face.

Thankfully I have decent amateur ninja skills to rely on and avoided, at the very least, burning my right eyebrow off. My acrobatics thoroughly impressed my friends and my girlfriend, who all thought I was going to catch myself on fire and require some sort of medical attention. I have seen that piece on the playa many of the other years I have attended, and I appreciate the lesson it taught me about not letting my excitement level outweigh my level of caution.

2017 Burning Man Party Schedule

Camp Lip Bomb 2017 Party Schedule

We are a party theme camp at Burning Man, SHORT AND SWEET! Our 2017 party schedule is now available, stop by 7:30 & C each night of the week. We have sick beats, cold beers on tap, vapor shots, the wheel of misfortune and giveaways. Let’s party like the world is ending, you’re not going to want to miss it. This list doesn’t include our full week of food giveaways and workshops, check out our 2017 Program for more. 

8/28 – Opening Pre-apocalyptic Meltdown Party (Till The Break of Dawn!)

2017 Burning Man Party at Camp Lip Bomb

Monday, August 28 at 6:30 PM – 3 AM

All our welcome to our opening party, after the camp’s mandatory meeting for members.

Debauchery (music, booze and everything in between) at its finest.

Start your burn on the right (or wrong) foot, here at Camp Lip Bomb!

More information, RSVP & to share with your friends see our Facebook event



8/29 – Trash Disco Dance Party at Camp Lip Bomb

2017 Burning Man Party at Camp Lip Bomb

Tuesday, August 29 at 6 PM – 12 AM
Get ready for the down and dirty Trash Disco Dance Party that turns our bar into STUDIO 69 for the night. Hottest EDM Dj’s spinning the sexiest Disco inspired music. Disco attire is encouraged. Spin our Wheel of Misfortune, Ice cold beer and our famous vaporized alcoholic shots (VAPE-SHOTS).

8/30 – Deep House at Lip Bomb

2017 Burning Man Party at Camp Lip Bomb

Wednesday, August 30 at 6 PM – 12 AM
Deepest of House music. Chill and up beat music from world famous artists.

8/31 – Non-Stop House Music at Lip Bomb

2017 Burning Man Party at Camp Lip Bomb

Thursday, August 31 at 6 PM – 12 AM

Upbeat house music by world famous artists.

More information, RSVP & to share with your friends see our Facebook event



9/1 – Farewell till Next Year Party!

2017 Burning Man Party at Camp Lip Bomb
Friday, September 1 at 6 PM – 12 AM
This is our last party at Lip Bomb for 2017

Camp Lip Bomb Placement for 2017

7:30 & C

It’s that time again folks, we’ve received our Burning Man placement. We’re happy to announce that Camp Lip Bomb has received placement at 7:30 and C for our second year of mischief, chaos and misfortune. We’re excited to show you all of the bada$$ shit we have in store for you this year kiddies. Things are going to get rough with our brand new wheel of misfortune. Only those with  strongest will and booties will survive it’s wrath. Plus, we’ve got a shitload of new parties for you to check out, we promise it will be a spectacle.

Check out our 2017 Program for a full schedule of events. 

Our full party schedule is now available too!  

Burning Man Placement

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Artists Wanted

Hello beautiful people!

Our Burning Man camp Lip Bomb is looking for performers this year. Fire spinners, poi spinners, grinders, DJs, pole dancers, we like you all. If you would like to join our camp it would be even better. Come, perform at our interactive stage, have a drink at our bar, make new friends and have fun!

To apply as a performer, please submit your information below.

To apply as a performer and camp member, please register and complete the application process.





Playa/Stage Name:
Social Media Accounts:*
Evening/night you would like to perform:*
For performers, please select from below:
If other, please explain:
For DJ's, please choose your genre:
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Describe your performance or craft:*
Any special needs for your performance?*
Upload a photo of you performing or one you would like us to use (must be 5 MB or less):*
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In case of emergency:*
Are you interesting in joining our camp?*

(Camp Application Instructions/Info can be found here.)

**Please note, theme appropriate costume is greatly appreciated. Please see our Proper Bomber Attire page for details.