DJ’s and Performers Wanted

Hello dusty misfits!

2017 is upon us and the Burning Man playa dust beckons us to manifest a radical ritual. Rituals and rites require the right times, and the right time is now to set our stage times.

If you plan to perform on the playa, we want you!

Camp Lip Bomb is the love child of the zaniest group of misfits with the sole purpose to bring great vibes in the form of music, dance, art, social awareness and celebration.

If you have the passion, commitment and drive to perform at our lovely camp, please fill out the application below.

We await your radical reply…

Playa/Stage Name:
Social Media Accounts:*
Evening/night you would like to perform:*
For performers, please select from below:
If other, please explain:
For DJ's, please choose your genre:
If other genre, please explain:
Describe your performance or craft:*
Any special needs for your performance?*
Upload a photo of you performing or one you would like us to use (must be 5 MB or less):*
How did you hear about us?*
In case of emergency:*
Are you interesting in joining our camp?*

(Camp Application Instructions/Info can be found here.)

**Please note, theme appropriate costume is greatly appreciated. Please see our Proper Bomber Attire page for details.