Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many members are in your camp?

We are looking at close to 100 for 2019. Like many camps, we have had growing pains, from our early years at 25 people, to fluctuating around 50 most years. Bottom-line, we want each and every member to feel as though they are part of a family. If we somehow miss the mark, we re-look and re-work our camp to figure out how to make it better. No camp is perfect, but we feel we are pretty damn close, as we have some truly bada$$, crazy incredible people who make up our core, each year. 

Who runs the camp?

Our camp consists of mostly Crew, then Assistants, and Leaders/Officers, as illustrated below. Everyone has their hand at helping run the camp. If for some reason we accept a member and they play hooky for most of the burn, they will likely not be welcomed back. From build, to burn, to breakdown, we expect all members to take charge and take pride. 

What is your camp theme?

Our camp is based off of the comic strip and movie ‘Tank Girl.’ We highly recommend all members to educate themselves by either reading or watching the movie. We are NOT just a post-apocalyptic camp with members dressing up the part. We ask that everyone exude the attitude and persona of badassery. Hence, women are the cornerstone, and men are just happy to be along for the ride. 

What are the camps contributions to Black Rock City?

In conjunction with our bar specializing in vaporized alcohol shots, specialty drinks and shenanigans from our Wheel of Misfortune!, we have workshops/classes during the day and live music/performances in the evenings. Many of our talented members are the ones to contribute their gifts for our camp activities. If you have an idea for an event or have a talent you’d like to share that coincides with our Tank Girl theme, by all means let us know and we’ll work to make it happen. 

How do I join?

We have a pretty extensive application process. New members will be asked to complete a Google form consisting of three parts; (a) General Info, (b) Leave No Trace Agreement, and (c) Personal Responsibility Agreement. Thereafter we screen and interview. If both sides accept, we finalize by submittal of camp donation. Go to ‘Apply’ tab for more info.

How much are camp donations?

Donations vary depending on the year and when you sign up. They typically range from $250 to $400. See ‘Apply’ tab for more info.

How can I contribute?

Like all camps at Burning Man, we accept financial and voluntary contributions. The level of contribution is really up to each individually, but typically the amount a person donates is calculated at the time of their application (early bird versus late). We require all members to join a crew under a camp Officer to volunteer their time before, during or after Burning Man. See FAQ: Who runs the camp, and ‘Apply’ tab for more info.

What does the camp provide for its members?

Generally, our camp provides the following:

      • Camp welcome swag bag: patch, lip balm, dog tag, stickers, etc.
      • One communal meal a day (with veg and non-veg options) + 2 breakfast meals
      • Covered area for tenters with seating, tables, lights for meals
      • Beer or mixed drinks daily
      • Prizes for Awards Ceremony 
      • Power grid (at the discretion of Camp Command/availability)
      • Camp ice (at the discretion of Camp Command/availability)
      • Professional camp photographs (available for download)
    • Close knit family attitude

See ‘Camp Perks’ for more accurate yearly provisions. *Note, any additional money we have left at the end of the burn is donated to Love146.

Do you have showers?

Yes. We are working on having showers in 2019 and beyond! Don’t expect it every year, though. If members use and don’t abuse, we will keep this provision.

What are the general requirements to be successfully accepted to join?

We accept people from all walks of life; virgin burners, veterans, old, young, gay, straight, non-binary, etc. So long as that person is willing to follow the 10 Principles, be enthusiastic to join our camp/camp theme, contribute, and not be a self-absorbed a$$hole. You should also have a ticket (or means of getting one), transportation to/from/and at Burning Man (i.e. bike), shelter, water and the basic knowledge/equipment to survive on Black Rock desert. First things first, fill out our application!  

Have any other questions? Message us on our Facebook Group page.