The following steps must be completed in order to become a member of Camp Lip Bomb.

In order to consecutively complete steps 1 to 3, we ask that you designate enough time.

Upon successful approval of your registration and phone interview, you have one month to submit your camp donation & personal responsibility deposit. Failure to do so will result in the applicant being sent to the back of the APPROVED line.

1. Read and sign the Terms of Agreement, Leave No Trace Agreement, and Personal Responsibility Agreement: Camp rules, guidelines and other important sh*t.

2. Fill out the all-important Member Application.

3. Tell us about your Shelter/Dwelling.

4. Pass phone interview: You must have completed all of the above steps to be considered for a phone interview.

5. Sign-up for your tier/donation amount. Then, Donate: Camp donations & PR deposit must be received within 1 month of your member approval.

6.Stay Connected! Become a member of our private Facebook group page. Don’t forget to introduce yourself! We’re also on Instagram, FB, Twitter, Youtube & Pinterest.

7. Volunteer for Shifts and/or apply to become an Officer: All members must sign-up for a minimum of 3 shifts. (Enrollment opens early August)

8. Submit your information on the Get Your Gear! worksheet: If you want the right size swag. (Page opens early August)

9. Secure your Burning Man ticket and vehicle pass.

Questions? Contact Us.