How To Apply

To become a BOMBER, you must understand first and foremost that we are a participatory camp. This means that EVERYONE in our camp is asked to participate in creating a fun & safe atmosphere. We are also a camp that requires members to connect with one another and to reach out and make new friendships or build on old ones. If you are looking to park your RV/Tent/Yurt or sleeping bag on our real estate while you disappear into the dust, happy with just being a spectator or feel the need to bring drama to our family, please look elsewhere.

Still with us? Then, here’s what you’ve got to do…

1. Fill out an application. New applicants go here (includes TOA, LNT, and PRA). Returning members go here (includes PRA renewal).

2. Sign-up for donation tier amount here.

3. Pass phone interview. We will contact you within the next week or two. You must have completed all of the above steps to be considered for a phone interview. 

4. Donate. Follow instructions as listed on the ‘Camp Donation,’ page.

5. Stay Connected! Become a member of our private Facebook group page. Don’t forget to introduce yourself. We’re also on Instagram, FB, Youtube & Pinterest.

6. Seriously, become a member of our private Facebook group page! Slay Bunny (aka The Admin) would prefer to not bombard you with emails that likely end up in your spam box. We post important info, i.e. sign-up for RV grey water removal, meals, and fun sh*t too. Don’t be a social darkwad. Contribute, participate!!

7. Volunteer for shifts within your crew. (Enrollment opens early August)

8. Secure your Burning Man ticket and vehicle pass.

Questions? Ask/message us on our public FB page.