Leave No Trace Plan

All green in 2015 and 2017!

Lip Bomb is proud of our All-Green Moop Map Designation in 2015 and 2017! Let’s keep up the solid work!

Leave No Trace is one of the most important principles that we adhere to at Lip Bomb.

By planning ahead…

  • Practice the 5 R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore, and Respect
  • Keep our camp clean before, during and after the event
  • Adopt all principles and practices of Leave No Trace at Burning Man
  • Do what is necessary to protect and restore the Black Rock Desert
  • Identify potential problems and issues that may arise
  • Create a strategy or plan for Leaving No Trace
  • Educate all camp members about minimizing our impact on the playa

This is our pledge to you, our friends we meet on our journey, our community but most importantly, to our environment. We understand that all of this is done in fun however we take the environment very seriously and we expect all those that join us to have that same devotion to making this experiment work, and set an example for others to follow.

All members are required to complete our LNT Agreement.

NEW FOR 2018!!!

It is a privilege to get placement each year and enjoy the beautiful landscape that is Black Rock City. Our camp and BMorg do not take this matter lightly. Therefore, additional efforts will be made for CLB to be Green in 2018!

1. Regardless of when you plan on departing the playa, a LNT team member must give your site a final scan for any environmental impact. You will also be given your share of camp waste to dispose of properly.

2. Proper disposal of waste: When leaving BRC, LipBombers are especially respectful of the neighboring communities. Take advantage of recycling and waste collection sites which are either free or charge a nominal fee which benefits the local community (and gets the trash out of your car quicker!). Otherwise, recyclables and trash should only be deposited in legally permitted locations.

3. In an effort to demonstrate responsibility and accountability, camp members are encouraged to have a planned disposal site before leaving camp. When all trash and recyclables have been successfully disposed of, campers should message the LNT Officer with confirmation of doing so.

4. The Kitchen, Bar, and other sectors of our camp will also have their own LNT plan. It is the responsibility of all officers, and members to abide by the plan when volunteering and using camp facilities.

A few things everyone can do before arriving on-site:
-Read the Survival Guide on BM’s webpage
-Stay on top of the FB page Burner Hacks. They are a great resource for answering any logistical questions you have about water, tents, RV tips, food, shade, securing your structures, etc.
-Understand what is off limits; glass bottles, glitter, sequins, feathered costumes or anything else that can cause micro-MOOP.
-All cars and RVs should have a means to catch anything leaking anywhere from their vehicles. RVs ALWAYS leak something, somewhere!
-Plan ahead. All cars and RVs must plan space in their vehicles to transport their garbage AND a share of camp waste.
-Know your equipment. Practice at home.
-Review the camps’ policy!

Volunteer shifts for LNT will open early August to include morning, afternoon and after hosted events. Teams will also be needed for the Build and Breakdown of debris removal and line sweeps. After breakdown, we will lend a hand for Community deMOOP efforts.

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