Burning Man Theme Camp Members WantedMembers wanted for camp Lip Bomb

Listen up dusty sycophants! Burning Man Theme Camp Members Wanted! We have limited member spots open to those badasses lucky enough to meet the Lip Bomb standard of radicalism.

Lip Bomb isn’t some powderpuff camp for the faint of heart. Lip Bomb was created for the misfits and lunatics, and our hearts beat to the rhythm of badassery. We are a post apocalyptic Tank Girl theme camp. When we say “theme” we really mean it! Our members build their post apocalyptic uniforms with end of the world style; we’re a fully themed camp with seriously bomb dropping beats. We also have great benefits for our members such as full use of our camp kitchen and some meals.

Don’t bother applying if you are of strong morals or driven by the need to perpetuate pathetic drama.

Now, if you are moved by radical rituals of kickass music, soul-penetrating fire performances, mad science, and mind blowing art, then get off your keister and apply today! If you’re unlucky enough to live in So Cal, jump and run to the front of the line.

See you on the playa.