We Want You to Join Camp Lip Bomb!

We are a female lead camp of misfits with a TANK GIRL THEME. It’s our way of letting you know that us “ladies” can be as bad a$$ as our male counterparts. We are free spirited women and men with a desire to bring about an environment of “anything goes” party and fun. And as such, our gift to the playa is to provide a fun and relatively safe place for those who visit to express themselves in a many manner of ways, to include live music and performances.

Still Interested?

Thank you for your interest in joining our killer team. A rewarding position within our theme camp gives you the ability to gift your time to not only our amazing campers but the population of Black Rock City alike.

All previous officers MUST apply for an officer post, each year.

Perks of being an officer:

  • You may qualify for a DGS ticket (Must be appointed to post prior to 2/14/18 to be considered)
  • Reduced camp donations
  • New, personalized uniforms/vests for officers rolling out in 2018
  • The Satisfaction of being a member of an elite squad of crazy men and women

Click below to apply for available positions: 

  • Vice Command (2) (filled)
  • Medic/Task Master (filled)
  • Bar Manager (filled)
  • Photographer (filled)
  • Build/Strike Foreman (filled)
  • LNT Officer (2) (filled)
  • Kitchen Manager

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