By checking the box below, you agree to the following statement:

Each member of Lip Bomb is required to pay a $100 refundable responsibility deposit. This deposit is paid at the time of dues payment and put into place to ensure that you as a responsible member of Lip Bomb adheres to what has been asked of you during your stay with us. Each deposit is held in a savings account until the time of return which will be in the form of a check after your campsite has undergone a thorough inspection.

There are four aspects of this inspection: 

1. Attitude while staying with Lip Bomb: Did you get along with your fellow campers? If the answer is yes... you pass!

2. All assigned work shifts metYou must show up to your assigned work shifts on time for the full duration of the shift, conscious and fairly sober. You must also be present for the Monday opening ceremony/meeting.

3. LNT departure inspection: Each member must leave their campsite spotless before leaving the playa. Yard tools will be supplied by the camp for your use. It is up to the LNT (Leave No Trace) Officer's discretion to approve or fail inspection. Once your campsite has passed, you are free to go.

4. Scheduled arrival/departure responsibilities: Every member is asked to arrive early or late departure. Early arrival means no earlier than Aug. 24, 2018 at 10AM and no later than Aug. 25, 2018 prior to 10AM. Late departure means leaving no earlier than September 3, 2018, 3PM.

Each aspect is weighted in order, with number four being the heaviest: (1)=$10, (2)=$15, (3)=$25, (4)=$50. If you fail to receive a portion or all of your deposit, Lip Bomb will use that deposit as a donation to LOVE146. If you so choose, you can donate your deposit to said organization even after passing your inspection. We are not in business of taking anyone's money for profit. 

With this said, we hope you take your responsibilities seriously while staying with us. If we all put in 100%, none of us will have to put in anything more than 20%. Lets work together to make this the most amazing and magical year of all. HELL YA!