No. of positions available: One

Job Brief:

Performs a variety of complex photographic techniques to produce color and/or black and white films of varied, special character subject material for records, presentations, or publications, and organizes the activities of assignments. To document and record the going-ons around camp.


  • Operates and maintains a wide range of camera/film equipment regularly employing the use of diverse techniques and specialized photographic expertise such as panning, zoom, tracking, track-in, over the shoulder, etc., to film difficult subjects, materials and focal points related to the camp and its members
  • Plans the composition of scene, analyzing the subject material and selecting the angle, lighting, and background to enhance desired or to eliminate unwanted features to produce the most aesthetically effective and informative video footage
  • May oversee the work of other support staff
  • Operates a DSLR and other equipment


  • 3 or more years of experience with photography with considerable knowledge of all principles, including a thorough knowledge of one or more forms of specialized filmmaking, preferred
  • Must be available for EA (Early Arrival) and LD (Late Departure)


  • Camp donation/dues reduced to $150
  • Direct Group Sales ticket (based on availability)
  • Personalized uniform/vest with patches
  • Being a part of a bada$$ camp


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