Proper Bomber Attire

Camp Lip Bomb is a theme camp, and as such we aim to project a coherent, official style. After all, participation is one of our favorite principles. Thus, we ask that while members are volunteering or on shift duty (bartending, dancing, DJing, etc in a public-facing role in the camp), they make effort to fit in with the theme. When not working – i.e. most of the time – wear whatever!

Here are some suggestions for fitting in with the theme. You can also find inspiration Googling images of Tank Girl (especially the movie) and any of the Mad Max movies. These are just suggestions. Use your imagination and express yourself!

  • Anything that feels post-apocalyptic. Ripped, distressed, ragged clothing.
  • Some goth-y clothing, but you wouldn’t want a whole goth outfit. We’re post-apocalyptic bada$$es, not wanna-be vampires.
  • Steampunk-esk, but not so much the dressed-up faux-Victorian vibe. The Victorians were not bada$$, sorry.
  • Military-style anything really, but you don’t want to look like an actual soldier. Think mercenary, not rank-and-file soldier.
  • The style often involves layering of different pieces that don’t “go together” in any traditional sense. Why? Because in the post-apocalyptic world, you’re too busy dodging gangs of roving killers and mutants and whatnot to go shopping (and the shops have all been looted anyway).
  • Don’t feel like you can’t use color in your outfits. While Mad Max doesn’t have much color in peoples’ clothing, Tank Girl certainly does.

Head ideas: military hats, hockey helmets (preferably all messed up), paintball masks, gas masks, motorcycle masks, leather tanker helmet, leather aviator helmet, badass goggles, bandana/shemagh/keffiyeh.

Eyewear ideas: Military goggles, steampunk goggles, aviator sunglasses, eye patch, ski mask (though bang it up some so it doesn’t look like it’s ready to hit the slopes).

Ideas for tops: Anything from military coats to ragged t-shirts to mesh shirts, military-themed pasties (for the ladies), camo/military bikini (ladies), custom garments where you improvise something using plastic parts, tire treads, leather. Lots of options.

Bottom ideas: Torn fishnet stockings, shin guards, knee pads, old motocross pants, military pants or shorts, spiked codpiece, camo kilt or leggings.

Footwear ideas: Combat boots, motorcycle boots, motocross boots, platform boots, and even classic sneakers that feel punk-ish, like Converse all-stars.

Accessories: Go wild here. Really, even the most basic outfit of shorts and a t-shirt can be made to look cool with a few accessories. Fingerless gloves, leather harnesses, military belts or Burner-style hip belts, bandoliers or ammo belts, shemaghs, necklaces made of junk, arm or wristbands, etc.

Weapons of any kind are not allowed: Guns, fighting knives, swords, etc. are prohibited at Burning Man. It’s also probably best to stay away from anything too overtly Native American, unless you’re Native American of course. There’s been a real backlash (right or wrong) in the community over that the last couple of years.

Branding: If your clothing has visible brand labels/logos, try to remove them or cover them up.

Weather: Things can get very cold at night, sometimes down to as low as freezing, so prioritize your safety and just make sure you have something warm. Long faux leather jackets are awesome.

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A few specific places to buy some of this stuff:

  1. – Military surplus site
  2. – Etsy’s post-apocalyptic section. Lots of cool stuff in there, but beware! Etsy is a rabbit hole that’s easy to dive down, and some of that stuff is really pricey
  3. – Some very cool niche clothing, but it’s a really expensive site
  4. Dolls Kill – Specifically in their Goth and Punk Dolls section
  5. – Military uniform supplies store
  6. – Search post-apocalyptic clothing