Terms of Agreement

Those who wish to join our camp must sign and agree to the terms below. By completing this form, you are on the verge of becoming a member of our bad a$$ camp.

1. We take the Ten Principles of Burning Man very seriously. In addition to that, we have added our own 11th principle: DON’T BE AN A$$HOLE. Be kind to your neighbors, strangers, and to yourself.  By becoming a member of our camp, you agree to follow the Eleven Principles.

1. What is the 7th principle of Burning Man (as listed on their website)?:*

2. If you didn't know already, Burning Man is a "Leave No Trace" event. You are responsible to LNT - no ashes from your cigarette, not mint sprigs from your drink, not a green bean from your dinner. Members must take everything they brought to the event back with them, PLUS one bag of random trash that accumulates from visitors to the camp. No trash receptacles or bins will be provided. Placing trash, or even asking to place trash in a receptacle belonging to another camp is considered deeply offensive by many veterans of the event. BM provides portable toilets that will be emptied on a regular basis. Do not empty trash in the portable toilets. You are responsible for protecting the environment. By signing below, you agree to follow the camp's LNT Agreement

2. What are you allowed to dispose of in the port-o-potties? *

3. Read and understand the Survival Guide. It summarizes the official rules and practices of Burning Man. Most of what it covers is fundamental to the event. Some of what it covers is more about how the organization that hosts the event envisions Burning Man, and that may not match how veterans of the event envision Burning Man. That said, all of what the Survival Guide covers is stuff that you should know backwards and forwards to ensure that you do not make an ass of yourself, and that your camp is not denied placement or tickets in future years. You think you already know all the rules of Burning Man? If you can explain right now what kind of digging you are allowed to do on playa to secure a post in the ground, and what you need to do in order to burn a small sculpture in your camp, then you may be right - but if you cannot explain these things, then you should re-read the entire guide this very minute!

3. How much water should you drink per day on the playa (as stated in the Survival Guide)?*

4. Subscribe and pay attention to the event, village, and camp announcement/forums lists. Jack Rabbit Speaks, and the Lip Bomb's private Facebook group page are how our community makes sure everyone is informed and able to participate fully. Members are highly advised to be a part of the Facebook group page. The Admin/Coordinator and Commander(s) are available to help with any questions on your journey.

4. Sign:*

5. Bring everything you need for your survival and comfort. You are responsible for bringing all of your own food, shelter, water, fuel, and anything else you need to be happy and healthy for at least one week in the middle of the desert. As a general rule, none of the camps in our village provide showers, or power, or shade, or meals, or kitchens, other than as options that you may buy into or help organize with other members. Mind you, some of these services do exist within our village, because members like you step up to organize and participate in them. Even if you do participate in one of these plans, you are still entirely responsible for all of your own supplies and basic needs - this includes survival rations for the duration of the event, just in case something catastrophic happens to your kitchen or vehicle transporting it. This especially means you must bring any medications you may need to thrive under extreme conditions.

5. Aside from water, name 2 additional items you should always carry around with you on the playa.*

6. Assume full responsibility for your own health and safety. By participating in Burning Man you acknowledge that you are assuming the risk of serious injury or death! It is up to you to make sure this doesn't happen. This means you must carry water with you at all times - consider a canteen or hydration pack. Be careful when embarking and disembarking vehicles. Don't be a darkwad, wear lighting at night so that you don't get run over by an art car. Show good sense and restraint when consuming alcohol or other substances.

6. What kind of lights are you bringing?*

7. Assume full responsibility for your own happiness. Nobody knows what you truly value or what your personal limits are but you, and nobody is ever going to be as focused on maintaining your happiness as you. Hence, it falls on you to seek out the experiences you want, ask questions or seek guidance when you don't know how to proceed, keep an eye on your own property, and bring only those things that you are willing to risk losing amongst the confusion and extreme conditions. The willingness of village members and other Black Rock citizens to help each other have a good time is a wonderful thing, but should never be imposed upon, or interpreted as lessening your own personal responsibility to look out for the things that you consider important.

7. Sign:*

8. Mean what you say and (always) get consent. Burning Man may be a big party in the desert, but it is also the culmination of tremendous amounts of time, energy, and money that everyone pours into their projects in an effort to have the maximum amount of incredible peak experiences they can in one week - and that means that it is also damn serious. You never, never, never want to leave one of your camp mates hanging on something you promised or be the reason they lost a day of fun taking care of something that you said you were going to take care of. This means you always want to be clear with your peers, and in your own mind, on whether you are in fact going to deliver on the commitments you made. Whenever it looks like you aren't going to have the time, or you are hitting a wall, or your interests have simply changed and you want to do something different than what you agreed to, it’s important to communicate very clearly and well in advance so that they can get to work on a contingency. Respect the boundaries of others. Consent is like tea

8. In your own words, what is consent? Give an example.*

9. Know what you are saying. Consider one of the most common yearly announcements on every Burning Man theme camp mailing list: "I'm bringing plenty of coffee for everyone, so consider that base covered!” In making that announcement, you just took personal responsibility for meeting the coffee needs of everyone in the camp, however many are in the final count, at whatever level they choose to expect, and you have told all the other coffee aficionado’s to go look for something else to contribute (if that was your intent). If you are actually going to find the headcount, do the math. Check with your peers to make sure everyone is cool with your numbers and coffee choice, then its all good - but perhaps what you really meant was: "I'm bringing 5 pounds of institutional blend coffee from Costco, so I've got about 20 people covered for 1 cup of decent coffee per morning! Any of you gourmets want to bring something exotic to share?"

9. Sign:*

10. Step up. If someone is carrying something heavy, lend a hand. If there are dishes that need to be washed, wash them. If a trash bin is overflowing, ask one of the Officers how the trash is supposed to be dealt with, and take care of it. If you spot something potentially dangerous, like exposed rebar or a loose gas valve, find a way to secure it and let an Officer know. If you spot someone you don't know suspiciously wandering through the camp, ask "May I help you?", and confirm with an Officer that this person really is supposed to be where they say they are. If you need guidance, ask. If you need additional hands, ask fellow mates, or Officers, to help you out.

10. Give an example of how you can "step up." *

11. Help build the camp infrastructure, pack & unpack the vehicles, and assemble & disassemble the camp. There are several weeks of welding, carpentry, painting, decorating, planning, and design that go into creating a camp like ours. There are about 7 days packing the vehicles, 5 days of unpacking the vehicles and assembling the camp before the burn starts. 2 days of disassembling the camp and packing the vehicles at the end of the burn, and 7 days of unpacking the vehicles after they arrive home and if that is not enough, everything has to be cleaned before entering storage. The more hands we have, the faster it goes. All members must Volunteer for Shifts, but to truly be a member of the camp, you need to do your part in at least some of this work.

11. What other ways you can help the camp (aside from volunteering for shifts on the member page)?*

12. Pay your share of camp expenses. It costs a mountain of money to create, transport, power, and maintain the entire infrastructure that makes the camp possible. It costs an additional mountain of money to purchase all the food, liquor, and other consumables that we gift during the burn. Each member of the camp contributes their fair share of time and finances. Camp donation amounts generally depend on the date you sign-up. Camps like ours that run heavy infrastructure or give away costly gifts generally have higher dues. Starting in 2017, a major portion of these donations will be used to pay back the heavy loan given to the camp by our Camp Founders. To be perfectly clear, all of these donations are to create our magnificent camp. You are not paying for services provided to you as a member - you are paying to make Lip Bomb possible, such that we can all take pride in what we have contributed to Black Rock City.

Donations are: $250 for early bird signees, $300 for Tier 1 (10 ppl), $400 for Tier 2 (10 ppl), and $500 for Tier 3 (10 ppl)

A refundable cleaning deposit of $100 (excludes officers) and electrical service fees (if applicable) are also required. Cleaning deposits are returned in the form of a check, at departure (pending inspection of member's living structure area for LNT). Members forfeit their cleaning deposit if they leave earlier than agreed.

12. What are some things that your contributions/donations will be used for?*

13. Properly secure all of your structures. If you are going to build any form of shade or shelter at all at Burning Man, where winds can reach a sustained 70mph, you must learn how to do it so as to minimize the risks that: (a) the structure blows away and hits someone, (b) the rebar or stakes used to secure it impale someone, (c) the guide lines bracing it against the wind trip someone.

This means studying how to secure your structure. Perhaps learning from the ancient masters, using rebar toppers like you find at any hardware store, placing solar lights to mark where the stakes are, and placing some form of lighting on the guy lines. This will protect your shelter from having some idiot come tumbling through it in the middle of the night, and will also protect that idiot from being injured by your shelter.

13. How do you plan on protecting & securing your shelter during Burning Man?*

14. Do not exchange money. No vending or other use of money is allowed at Burning Man. Black Rock City is a place of sharing and free exchange within a gift economy. This means you do not buy or sell anything. Sales of handmade items and food items "in order to cover costs of the trip" are not allowed. The only exceptions to this rule are the Center Camp Cafe, which sells espresso and a few other beverages, and CampArctica, which sells ice. The proceeds from both ventures go to the town of Gerlach that so graciously hosts the Burning Man festival each year - and crotchety Burning Man veterans still hate this outpost of commerce.

14. Where is money accepted? Where is it NOT accepted? Give an example of each.*

15. Do not display or distribute commercial names, logos, banners, or promotional items. This includes the name and logo of your home business or the record label you run out of your bedroom. It doesn't matter if you're a good person or if your company donates to charities. Some people go so far as to remove the tags from their jeans and to cover the Ryder logo on the side of their rental trucks. 

15. Sign:*

16. Be respectful of our kitchens and appliances. Simply put, keep our kitchen clean. Keep our appliances clean and in perfect condition. If you are using the grill and a sausage drops into the coals, don’t just leave it there so we find it weeks later during clean up. If you use our dishes, you clean them in your RV or bring a 5 gallon bucket you can keep grey water in and take home with you. We have one kitchen and when it's busted, it's gone.

16. Who is responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and in good condition?*

17. Bring your ticket (and vehicle pass if applicable). Your ticket is a revocable license. Violation of Black Rock City rules, or violent or anti-social behavior, can result in revocation of your ticket and ejection from the event without refund. No one under 18 will be admitted without a responsible adult. Tickets run about $400, depending on when you purchase them - they must be purchased in advance - no tickets will be sold at the gate. If your ticket is at Will Call, and are riding in with others, make sure you let them know and plan accordingly.

17. Sign:*

18. Once your application has been approved, you will have one month to fully complete the application process and making your donation. Please see above No. 12 for donation due amounts. If the donation has not been received during that window, you go to the back of the APPROVED line. Camp swag includes a gift dog tag or bracelet, camp T-shirt or tank top, stickers and lip balm. 

18. Sign:*
19. I promise to attend the mandatory meeting and opening party on Monday, August 27th.*
FINAL DISCLOSURE: I have you read and understand the TOA. I promise to make all efforts to fulfill these requirements, or suffer the consequences.*
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